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Are summer drivers paying enough attention in construction zones?

A recent truck accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike closed westbound traffic. Fortunately, the truck did not crash into any other motor vehicles, nor did it spill its cargo: nearly 1,800 gallons of diesel fuel. Yet that is not the most newsworthy aspect of this story.

Can technology reduce driver negligence and prevent accidents?

There is a high volume of traffic on many of Pennsylvania’s highways and roads. Some of that traffic may include commercial vehicles transporting goods locally or for interstate commerce. Unfortunately, accidents involving big vehicles, whether they are trucks or tractor-trailers, can cause large destruction and shut down traffic for hours. 

Investigators may examine fault in recent truck accident

Safe driving imposes a duty of care on every individual who gets behind the wheel. In addition to observing traffic laws, a driver must also pay attention to traffic flow, road conditions and other potential traffic issues that may require a quick response.