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How is the standard of care defined in medical malpractice suits?

The relationship between a patient and doctor depends on trust. As a recent article reminds us, doctors might examine the same patient but arrive at different diagnostic opinions and/or recommend different treatment protocols. What happens when multiple opinions are offered? Perhaps a patient may make decisions based on the trust he or she feels with a certain doctor. No wonder, then, that some patients may feel a betrayal in trust if their treatments result in serious injuries, illnesses or other consequences because of alleged medical negligence or mistakes.

Are hospital miscommunications injuring patients?

Is there a code of silence among hospital staff, even in the face of negligence? According to a recent article, some hospitals might discourage whistleblowers by firing nurses who attempt to report doctors’ mistreatment of patients.

Could a typo result in medical negligence?

Electronic medical records, or EMRs, were designed to save doctors time. But is clicking through various fields on a computer screen really faster than making a handwritten note?