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Car accidents: Pennsylvania crash kills 2, injures another

It is likely that the majority of drivers have been in a situation where they are stuck in stand-still traffic due to a car crash. Though this type of predicament may seem like an inconvenience to some, the incidents can be harrowing for those individuals involved or who had loved ones involved in car accidents. Too often, serious crashes result in injuries that leave individuals or their families suffering for some time. 

Federal government gets behind self-driving cars

Things are rapidly changing in the automotive world and one of the biggest changes is the creation of self-driving cars. In the future, it is likely people will be able to just ride along on the way to work or other places, which could make their commute less frustrating, more enjoyable and much more productive. The consensus seems to be that the roadways will be safer if there are more cars that are driven automatically and fewer cars driven by human beings. The federal government recently opened the door for automakers to create more of these vehicles.

Should teen drivers be allowed to drive at night?

Recently, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), issued a report that revealed that although the majority of teen driving happens in the daytime, the majority of fatal crashes affecting teens happen at night.

Pennsylvania car accidents could lead to legal claims

Speed can often play a role in serious crashes. These car accidents may have catastrophic outcomes that affect several people, and some of those people may not survive such incidents. When fatalities result from wrecks, there may be legal repercussions that could also have a significant impact if the families of the victims wish to pursue civil claims. 

Car accidents: Pennsylvania crash causes deaths, injuries

Understanding how a car crash happened can often play a vital role in the aftermath of the incident. Because there are various causes that could lead to car accidents, authorities are tasked with investigating and providing needed information. A recent incident in Pennsylvania had serious outcomes, and police believe that alcohol and speed were factors. 

The Temptation of Gaming While Driving

For those born from the 1980s on, or those who have spent time with kids since that time, there is at least a vague familiarity with Pokemon, which has been a popular card game, handheld video game, and cartoon. In the game, players move their controller around the world on the screen in hopes of catching pocket sized monsters in the game’s environment. Like most video games there’s been criticism that playing the game stops people from experiencing the real world by keeping them tied to the game’s world. But recently, Pokemon Go was developed.

Car accidents: Single-car crash leads to death in Pennsylvania

Fatal crashes play a substantial role in the number of deaths every year. In many cases, innocent individuals lose their lives due to the actions of other drivers. When fatal car accidents take place, the surviving family may wish to consider their legal options in hopes of gaining compensation for the damages resulting from such a devastating incident. 

Car accidents: Pennsylvania girl killed in collision

A vehicle collision can claim the lives of individuals of any age. As a result, car accidents can often lead to families losing young children due to the actions of other individuals. These situations are harrowing, and the surviving family may wish to seek justice for their loss or losses and other damages stemming from such a tragedy.