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Pennsylvania Laws that Help Prevent Bicycle Accidents

A bicycle is no match for a two-ton motor vehicle in the event of a collision. A split-second, poor decision on the road can kill a bike rider or cause catastrophic injuries, and it happens too often in Pennsylvania. Sadly, more than 1,200 bicycle accidents occurred in the state in 2015 alone. Bicycles are considered […]

Whiplash During a Vehicle Accident Can Be More Serious Than You’d Think

The initial shock and stress of a vehicle accident can cause those involved to ignore injuries that may initially feel minor. After all, there are often so many other problems to address after a crash that seeing a medical professional may seem unnecessary. However, what might be brushed off as a minor neck strain could […]

New Jersey’s #77 Hotline Now Accepts Distracted Driving Reports

During this year’s Distracted Driving Awareness Month, the State of New Jersey’s Division of Highway Traffic Safety announced that drivers on New Jersey state highways can now dial #77 to report distracted driving. The public hotline was originally established in 1995 to report aggressive driving, but #77 in New Jersey will now support both types […]

Distracted Driving Results in Deaths and Injuries

As reliance on technology has become increasingly ingrained in people’s lifestyle DNA, constant multitasking has also become the norm for many. However, when a person is behind the wheel, focusing on multiple tasks at once can be a life-threatening choice. Distractions while driving are not limited to cell phone use – and not by a […]

Injury-causing car accidents may lead to civil claims

Speeding vehicles often pose a considerable risk to the individuals inside the vehicles and others who are traveling. Because many drivers have difficulty keeping vehicles under control when they are traveling at excessive speeds, car accidents commonly result. When such incidents lead to serious injuries, they may also lead to the filing of personal injury claims.

Why is the number of car accidents in the US on the rise?

The US Department of Transportation began an annual census of motor vehicle deaths beginning in 1975. In that year, 44,525 deaths were reported, and the first few years of the census, the numbers rose each year. The highest total reported was 1979, when 51,093 people were killed in crashes. In 1992, the toll dipped below 40,000 for the first time and then stayed between 40,000-43,000, until 2008, when fatalities dropped to 37,423.

Drowsy driving is dangerous to all on the roads

Most people know about the dangers of driving drunk, or of texting behind the wheel, but many are not aware just how dangerous it is to drive when you’re drowsy. If you don’t get at least five hours of sleep before driving, statistics show that you’ll drive about the same as someone who is alcohol impaired. Not only is that dangerous for you, it’s a hazard to other drivers on the road. Your risk of an accident goes up significantly when you’re drowsy, which is why it’s so very important to get enough sleep before you decide to get in your car and drive.

Deadly car accidents may lead to much turmoil in Pennsylvania

Being involved in a serious wreck may be a dread of many individuals. Unfortunately, car accidents are common occurrences across the country, and many of those incidents prove fatal. It was recently reported that a fatal accident took place in Pennsylvania, and the crash involved two vehicles. A total of six people were reported as being involved. 

Car accidents: High speed factor in fatal Pennsylvania crash

The deaths of loved ones are never easy. When car accidents lead to these deaths, surviving family members may find themselves hoping to move forward in the best manner possible. In some cases, seeking compensation against the driver considered at fault for a fatal accident may be worth considering. 

The Holidays: What to do if you are hit by drunk driver

It’s that time of year. Thanksgiving is this week and shortly after that holiday parties will begin. From work to family to the neighborhood watch, celebrations abound. And they are often accompanied by alcohol–sometimes copious amounts.