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Pennsylvania truck accidents: Injuries result from crash with bus

When a vehicle begins to have mechanical issues, a driver may hope to get the vehicle off the roadway as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, drivers may not be able to take preventative actions before car or truck accidents take place. Such a situation recently occurred in Pennsylvania, and several individuals were injured and transported to the hospital. 

Motorcycle accidents: 1 killed, others injured in Pennsylvania

When motorcyclists go out for a ride or travel long distances, it is not unusual to see many motorcycles traveling together. Though this caravan formation may help other drivers see the motorcyclists more easily, motorcycle accidents could still occur. When a car crashes into a group of motorcycles, there is potential for multiple individuals to be seriously injured or killed.

Dog attack may lead to personal injury claim in Pennsylvania

Being the victim of a dog attack can leave individuals feeling frightened. In many cases, individuals may suffer serious injuries that could lead to a multitude of financial, physical and emotional complications. In such cases, victims may wish to consider filing personal injury claims against the parties held liable for such an attack. This type of claim could allow them to pursue compensation for allowable damages.

Signs your loved one is being neglected in a nursing home

For most people, it is not easy to place a loved one in a nursing home. In many cases it is the last place someone will live and while the person may need care around the clock, taking that step can be difficult. Despite the difficulties surrounding such a move, in today’s society, it is often the only real solution for families whose loved ones need medical attention. In many cases a significant amount of time is spent trying to find the best possible fit.

The allure of detergent pods to children

Children are curious by nature. They are drawn to bright and shiny things, some of which could hurt them. Detergent pods are a good example of these types of objects. Though the convenient packets are a popular choice for getting clothes and dishes clean, in the hands of children, they could be dangerous.

Personal injury claim may result from Pennsylvania incident

Being the victim of an accident that results in injuries can be harrowing. Seriously injured parties may face extended time working to recover from injuries while experiencing considerable pain and other suffering. Additionally, financial struggles may also result due to medical expenses and time away from work. If injured parties would like to seek recompense for such damages, filing a personal injury claim may be an action to consider.

Medical malpractice claim filed in Pennsylvania after man’s death

When medical professionals do not take the proper steps in treating a patient, serious issues could result. If a patient dies due to inaction or other medical malpractice, the surviving family may have cause to file a claim against the parties considered liable for the patient’s care. Such a claim could allow them to pursue justice and compensation for the loss of their loved one.

Personal injury: Dog knocks woman down, causes hip fracture

For many Pennsylvania residents, their pets are like children, and if their pets are threatened, some pet owners will defend them with their lives. This type of love for her two little Pomeranians led to a woman in another state landing in a hospital when she had to protect her dogs against an attacking dog. While she is receiving treatment in the hospital, police and animal control officers are working on identifying the owner of the dog that caused her personal injury.

Car accidents: Serious Pennsylvania crash proves deadly

When traveling on the road, many individuals may witness actions of other drivers that could put innocent lives at risk. These actions could include driving the wrong direction, failing to heed traffic signals or numerous other factors. Unfortunately, any of these actions could cause serious car accidents and leave other drivers and passengers with serious or fatal injuries.