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Truck accidents: Man dies after being hit by semi in Pennsylvania

Incidents that take place on roadways are unfortunately not few and far between. Car and truck accidents happen on a daily basis in varying degrees of severity. Some incidents may involve one vehicle, multiple vehicles or a vehicle and a pedestrian. Whatever the case may be, if an individual is seriously injured or killed, legal action could result.

Pennsylvania car accidents: Dozens injured after SUV, bus crash

Though mass transportation can be a valuable asset to any individual’s commute, there is a chance that buses and other vehicles could be involved in a crash. When car accidents do involve public transport, it is possible for numerous individuals to become injured. If those injuries are serious, multiple legal claims could potentially result from a single incident.

What you should know about wrongful death lawsuits

Losing a loved one is never easy, but it is especially difficult when a person is taken before their time due to someone else’s negligence or intentional malicious act. It is in these cases that many people who have lost a loved one tragically decide to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Maintenance of swimming pool important in keeping swimmers safe

Pool safety is very important during the summer months, but there’s more to it than just chlorine and some flotation devices. While drowning may be the first thing that comes to mind, there can be hidden dangers that most people might not think about, like pool electrocution. Several recent instances of this are a strong reminder that the lights that are used in pools for swimming at nighttime have to be installed, checked, maintained, and repaired the right way in order to ensure that they are safe for swimmers.

Personal injury: Accident at hotel pool sends man to hospital

When a serious accident takes place on someone else’s property, the owner of that property could potentially be held liable for resulting damages. In some cases, a serious personal injury could occur or possibly even a fatality. If such an event does take place, there could be cause for the negatively affected party or surviving family of the victim to file a premises liability claim.

Pennsylvania motorcycle accidents: Crash kills all involved

Many individuals who operate motorcycles know that there is considerable risk with every outing. Though motorcycles are an enjoyable and convenient mode of transportation, if motorcycle accidents take place, the vehicles are ill equipped to protect the riders. As a result, many individuals are killed every year in such accidents. If a fatal collision takes place due to the actions of another driver, the surviving family of the victim or victims may want justice. 

Pennsylvania families may seek justice after fatal car accidents

The loss of a loved one can weigh heavily on the surviving family members, especially when the death comes about unexpectedly. Car accidents are a common cause of sudden deaths, and families may find themselves considering their legal options for seeking justice and compensation. In many cases, negatively effected individuals may also be waiting for answers as to how the fatal event occurred.

How to work safely in the heat

When it comes to workplace injuries, a lot of people think of cuts, broken bones, and similar kinds of problems. Those can all happen, but one of the biggest workplace injury risks for those who work outside is the heat. This is especially true for people who aren’t used to working in the heat, including outdoor workers in the Philadelphia area who only deal with the heat during the summer season. Some people handle heat better than others, but training to help people recognize when they’re getting overheated and what to do about it is important.

Staying safe while boating in Pennsylvania

Staying safe while participating in summer activities is important, and for many, a big part of that is boating safety. If you get out on the water in your boat very often, or even if you only go out occasionally, you should know that accidents can happen. With proper preparation and safety measures, though, you reduce the chances of an accident or injury significantly, so you can spend more time just enjoying your boat and all that being out on the water can offer.