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Car accidents: Single-car crash leads to death in Pennsylvania

Fatal crashes play a substantial role in the number of deaths every year. In many cases, innocent individuals lose their lives due to the actions of other drivers. When fatal car accidents take place, the surviving family may wish to consider their legal options in hopes of gaining compensation for the damages resulting from such a devastating incident. 

Truck accidents: Pennsylvania man killed in crash

When trucks enter roadways, it is important that their drivers pay attention to any oncoming traffic and ensure that they have the right of away. If trucks pull into the paths of other drivers, truck accidents could easily occur. These crashes may potentially result in devastating injuries to any of the individuals involved, and legal action could result.

What parents should know about cerebral palsy

When your baby is born, you want everything to go perfectly. Sometimes things go wrong along the way that result in fetal distress and may lead to birth injuries. Cerebral palsy is one of the most common of these injuries and can be present in various levels of severity. Cerebral palsy cannot be cured. It is up to parents, educators, and medical professionals to work with the child’s specific level of disability to improve the child’s quality of life as much as possible. Some of the challenges that those with cerebral palsy face include:

Safe motorcycling on Pennsylvania roads

When you have a motorcycle, staying safe on Pennsylvania roads should be one of your top priorities. In 2015, over 3,400 motorcycles were involved in accidents on state roads, with nearly 180 people dying due to those crashes. You don’t want to be a statistic, and you can reduce your risk with some simple tips to help increase your safety. If you driver another type of vehicle, there are also ways you can help protect them from harm by being aware and knowing what to do in specific situations.

Pennsylvania truck accidents: Drivers critically injured in crash

When motorists are traveling the roadway and come across a serious accident, they are likely thankful that they were not involved in it. Though car and truck accidents often cause considerable delays, being late is undoubtedly more appreciated than having an accident. Unfortunately, other drivers may not always react appropriately when approaching slowed or stopped traffic resulting from a previous crash, and as a result, another collision could take place.

Though fun, amusement rides can be dangerous

In certain parts of the country, including the state of Pennsylvania, the warm temperatures that come with summer make it possible for residents to participate in outdoor activities that are unavailable other times of the year. One of the most exciting for many children is attending carnivals or amusement parks. Much of the time these rides work as intended. When something goes wrong however, the injuries can be devastating.

Car accidents: Pennsylvania girl killed in collision

A vehicle collision can claim the lives of individuals of any age. As a result, car accidents can often lead to families losing young children due to the actions of other individuals. These situations are harrowing, and the surviving family may wish to seek justice for their loss or losses and other damages stemming from such a tragedy.

Pennsylvania motorcycle accidents: Man killed in collision

Fatal car accidents can lead to a series of complications on various levels. Authorities must determine whether charges are applicable, and families of victims may have challenges emotionally, financially and possibly legally. Many fatal car and motorcycle accidents could result in wrongful death claims, but family members may be more uncertain about moving forward if they do not have much knowledge about filing such claims.