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Should teen drivers be allowed to drive at night?

Recently, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), issued a report that revealed that although the majority of teen driving happens in the daytime, the majority of fatal crashes affecting teens happen at night.

Motorcycle accidents: DUI crash injures woman in Pennsylvania

Being seriously injured in an accident involving a drunk driver can immensely impact a person’s life. Motorcycle accidents can be particularly severe, and it is not unlikely for motorcyclists hit by other vehicles to suffer substantial injuries. Though criminal charges are likely after DUI accidents, negatively affected individuals could file civil claims of their own.

What you need to know if you are hurt in an accident

Accidents occur in many ways, whether you were injured on the job, hit by a car while riding your bike or crossing the street, were hit by a drunk driver or even suffered injuries due to a public transit accident such as the recent tragic train incident in New Jersey.

Pennsylvania car accidents could lead to legal claims

Speed can often play a role in serious crashes. These car accidents may have catastrophic outcomes that affect several people, and some of those people may not survive such incidents. When fatalities result from wrecks, there may be legal repercussions that could also have a significant impact if the families of the victims wish to pursue civil claims. 

New Research Looks At Concussion, PTSD Link

A new study suggests that the long-term effects of brain injuries, including concussions, are worse than previously thought. The research shows that getting a concussion may leave individuals twice as likely to develop PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Car accidents: Pennsylvania crash causes deaths, injuries

Understanding how a car crash happened can often play a vital role in the aftermath of the incident. Because there are various causes that could lead to car accidents, authorities are tasked with investigating and providing needed information. A recent incident in Pennsylvania had serious outcomes, and police believe that alcohol and speed were factors. 

The Temptation of Gaming While Driving

For those born from the 1980s on, or those who have spent time with kids since that time, there is at least a vague familiarity with Pokemon, which has been a popular card game, handheld video game, and cartoon. In the game, players move their controller around the world on the screen in hopes of catching pocket sized monsters in the game’s environment. Like most video games there’s been criticism that playing the game stops people from experiencing the real world by keeping them tied to the game’s world. But recently, Pokemon Go was developed.

Truck accidents: Pennsylvania crash claims life

Tractor-trailers frequently travel the roadways. It may be considered a rarity to not see such a truck while driving on a highway, but though these trucks are relatively commonplace, they can still cause much apprehension for drivers. Truck accidents often lead to devastating outcomes, and the details of such crashes could be vital to investigations and potential legal repercussions. 

Pennsylvania motorcycle accidents: Man killed, woman injured

Many motorcyclists are often more on guard than other travelers on the roadways. Because these drivers and riders are more at risk of serious injury, staying on guard can be a step toward staying safe. Unfortunately, even the most observant individual cannot predict the actions of other drivers, and as a result, numerous motorcycle accidents take place every year.