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The Holidays: What to do if you are hit by drunk driver

It’s that time of year. Thanksgiving is this week and shortly after that holiday parties will begin. From work to family to the neighborhood watch, celebrations abound. And they are often accompanied by alcohol–sometimes copious amounts.

Cops and PTSD: A worker’s comp reality

Day in and day out, cops see everything from abused kids and spouses to gunshot wounds and fatal car accidents. They serve and protect, and approach each day at work not knowing what they will see–only knowing that they are determined to take care of the public at large and the many issues we create. A routine traffic stop can turn into a car chase, a shop-lifting call can end in gun-fire. How do you cope with that level of trauma on an everyday basis?

Car accidents: Pennsylvania crash kills 2, injures another

It is likely that the majority of drivers have been in a situation where they are stuck in stand-still traffic due to a car crash. Though this type of predicament may seem like an inconvenience to some, the incidents can be harrowing for those individuals involved or who had loved ones involved in car accidents. Too often, serious crashes result in injuries that leave individuals or their families suffering for some time. 

Medical malpractice: Birth injuries could lead to lawsuits

Birth injuries may be a nightmare every soon-to-be parent fears. Unfortunately, these injuries do take place, and there are instances in which the child could suffer permanent damage. If such injuries occur due to negligent actions on the part of hospital staff, there may be cause for the affected families to file medical malpractice claims. 

Concussions in the workplace

Brain injuries are serious problems, and they don’t just come from sports. More and more of these injuries are coming from workplace accidents, where construction workers and others who have dangerous jobs are experiencing concussions that can be very damaging to the brain. One of the reasons that more concussions are being reported in the workplace could be due to the number of sports concussions that are being mentioned. New light is being shed on the seriousness of the issue and the warning signs, making everyone-including workers-more aware.

Negligence could lead to Pennsylvania medical malpractice claims

Losing a loved one and believing that other parties are responsible for the death can be a complicated situation. When it comes to medical malpractice, Pennsylvania residents may be particularly concerned about seeking compensation. Luckily, individuals have legal options that could allow them to pursue their desired restitution and seek justice against the parties considered responsible.

Understanding negligence: who’s at fault for injuries?

People legally must conduct themselves in certain ways in order to avoid causing harm to others. For example, when someone is driving, they have an implicit duty to drive in a way that doesn’t endanger others, such as not disobeying traffic signs.

Motorcycle accidents: Claim may be filed after Pennsylvania crash

Though the risk of being involved in motor vehicle crashes may intimidate some individuals, many travelers often face that risk in order to get to their destinations. Motorcycle accidents can be particularly serious events, often resulting in serious or fatal injuries. Sadly, these outcomes are not uncommon when motorcyclists and other vehicles are involved in collisions.

Federal government gets behind self-driving cars

Things are rapidly changing in the automotive world and one of the biggest changes is the creation of self-driving cars. In the future, it is likely people will be able to just ride along on the way to work or other places, which could make their commute less frustrating, more enjoyable and much more productive. The consensus seems to be that the roadways will be safer if there are more cars that are driven automatically and fewer cars driven by human beings. The federal government recently opened the door for automakers to create more of these vehicles.

Medical malpractice case may interest Pennsylvania residents

There are many mistakes that could lead to a patient undergoing the wrong medical procedure. These potential mistakes could lead patients to feel wary about attending to any medical problems they may have. However, it may not be able to avoid addressing serious issues. If an individual is the victim of surgical mistakes, filing a medical malpractice claim may be warranted.