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Workout Injuries: When Might a Gym Be Held Liable?

During gym exercise, weight training, or group classes, one wrong movement can cause workout injuries ranging from temporary pain to a problem that requires surgery. Common injuries at the gym include: Knee pain and injuries Tendonitis Back and neck pain and injuries Sprained ankle Shoulder pain and injuries There are many articles online explaining the […]

When Prison Personnel Fail to Provide Appropriate Inmate Medical Care

People who have been incarcerated are unable to seek medical care on their own. As a result, it is the responsibility and legal requirement of prison staff members to provide adequate inmate medical care. When they fail to do so, those prison officers are violating an inmate’s civil rights, not to mention breaking the law.

Taking Action After Sustaining Workplace Injuries

Thousands of people suffer from fatal and nonfatal workplace injuries in the United States each year. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a total of 4,836 fatal work-related injuries recorded in the country in 2015 — the highest total since 2008. While many of these deaths and injuries were accidental, others were entirely preventable […]

Pennsylvania Laws that Help Prevent Bicycle Accidents

A bicycle is no match for a two-ton motor vehicle in the event of a collision. A split-second, poor decision on the road can kill a bike rider or cause catastrophic injuries, and it happens too often in Pennsylvania. Sadly, more than 1,200 bicycle accidents occurred in the state in 2015 alone. Bicycles are considered […]

Whiplash During a Vehicle Accident Can Be More Serious Than You’d Think

The initial shock and stress of a vehicle accident can cause those involved to ignore injuries that may initially feel minor. After all, there are often so many other problems to address after a crash that seeing a medical professional may seem unnecessary. However, what might be brushed off as a minor neck strain could […]

Identifying and Reporting Prison Abuse in Pennsylvania

Prison staff are trained to not only run the facility safely and efficiently, but also to respect the rights of the inmates. When a staff member’s actions cause an inmate to suffer physical or emotional harm, he or she must be held accountable. Like other states in the U.S., Pennsylvania outlines its policies for identifying […]

New Jersey’s #77 Hotline Now Accepts Distracted Driving Reports

During this year’s Distracted Driving Awareness Month, the State of New Jersey’s Division of Highway Traffic Safety announced that drivers on New Jersey state highways can now dial #77 to report distracted driving. The public hotline was originally established in 1995 to report aggressive driving, but #77 in New Jersey will now support both types […]

Prevent Vacation Accidents: Protect Yourself with These Spring Break Safety Tips

As spring approaches, many people will be traveling to warm, coastal locations to swim and participate in water sports. With these activities comes a list of hazards, but proper preparation and caution can help vacationers enjoy their trip without a hitch. Below are a few tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) […]

Distracted Driving Results in Deaths and Injuries

As reliance on technology has become increasingly ingrained in people’s lifestyle DNA, constant multitasking has also become the norm for many. However, when a person is behind the wheel, focusing on multiple tasks at once can be a life-threatening choice. Distractions while driving are not limited to cell phone use – and not by a […]

Signs of nursing home abuse

There may come a time in your life where you want to place an elderly family member in a nursing home in Philadelphia because he or she may require care and supervision that you are unable to provide. Allegations of neglect and inadequate care in assisted-living and nursing homes are on the rise across the country. You should learn how to spot the signs of nursing home abuse so you can take appropriate actions to protect your loved one.